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Bitfinex Plans Launch of Decentralized Exchange, Eosfinex

Technology Bitfinex has announced that it will launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Eos.io platform. The new platform, Eosfinex, will be the first exchange to be hosted using Eos.io’s decentralized application infrastructure. Also Read: EOS Raises $700M Despite Token Affording No “Rights, Uses, Purpose, or Features” …

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Initial Coin Offering Craze Lures Australian Investors

Crowdfunding The hype surrounding the profit-potential associated with initial coin offerings (ICOs) is continuing to attract participation from Australian investors. Despite the potential to incur fast losses just as easily as fast profits, many Australians appear to be dabbling with casual cryptocurrency investment. Also Read: US Regulator Warns …

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Wendy McElroy: Privacy Prevents Violence and Crime

Featured The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations.Section 2 : The Moral Imperative of PrivacyChapter 6: Privacy is a Prerequisite of Human Rightsby Wendy McElroy (Crypto) Privacy Prevents Violence and Crime (Chapter 6, Segment 1) Unlike the communities traditionally associated with the word “anarchy”, in a …

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Ellen DeGeneres Is Down with Bitcoin

Featured US daytime television chat show queen, Ellen DeGeneres, featured bitcoin in a recent segment, wondering aloud about its fundamental mysteries with her enthused audience. And while it was a funny look at the cryptocurrency, she managed to expose an often missed demographic to cryptocurrency: baby goat …

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